Official Information (LGOIMA)

Requests for Official Information

The Local Government Official Information and meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA) provides for people to request official information held by local government agencies. Any person can make a request for information held by the Council.


How do I make an official information request?

Ideally, a request for information should be made in writing.  If you are unable to do so, you are welcome to make your request over the phone or in person at a QLDC office. Please ensure your request is clear and specific.

Contact details:

Email Post: Phone: In person:
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Queenstown Lakes District Council
Private Bag 50072
Queenstown 9348
03-441-0499 See our Contact Us page for office locations


What can I expect once I have made a request?

LGOIMA requires that a decision on a request be made within 20 working days of its receipt. We will acknowledge your request as soon as possible, and let you know when you can expect to receive our decision.

If we decide to grant your request, the information will be provided to you thereafter without undue delay.

Occasionally we may need to take one or more of the following steps:
• Extend the timeframe to reach our decision
• Ask you to clarify, refine, or amend the scope of your request
• Fix a charge to supply you with information
• Withhold the information you have requested
• Transfer your request to another agency
• Decline your request

We invite you to contact us at any time if you have questions regarding an official information request you have made or about the process in general.


Where can I find further information?

There are a number of resources available for you to view online:
• QLDC has a short policy regarding the decision-making process for official information requests. It can be viewed here: [Policy - Decision-making for Official Information Requests - Jan 2018 - 57.1KB].
• The Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act can be viewed on the New Zealand Legislation website here.
• Guides produced by the Ombudsman on official information legislation are available here.
• When fixing a charge for information, QLDC remains consistent with Government’s approved Charging Guidelines. These are available to view on the Ministry of Justice website here.