Practice Notes and Guidance files

Practice Notes set out Council’s interpretation of certain District Plan provisions where uncertainty or ambiguity exists. The District Plan Review will ultimately seek to clarify any provisions identified in Practice Notes.

Regarding 16. Public Notification of Discretionary Subdivision Application in the Rural General Zone

Please note that with the issuing of decisions on submissions for Stage 1 of the Proposed District Plan, rules under the Proposed District Plan are now being triggered.  Council’s view is that discretionary subdivisions under the new PDP Rural chapter are not precluded from being publicly notified because applicants need to trigger a land use consent. This is because:

  • The PDP discretionary subdivision rule doesn’t reference building platforms
  • Applicants only trigger rule 27.7.10 if there is no platform being established.
  • As such the only way to apply for a platform is through the land use provisions.

The Practice Note remains valid for Rural General zoned land not covered in Stage 1 of the PDP, for example land covered by the Stage 2 Chapter 24 - Wakatipu Basin.

Regarding the Operative District Plan, it is important to note that as a result of the new Proposed District Plan, there are certain parts of the Operative District Plan that may be superseded. Therefore, it may be necessary to seek professional planning advice when in the design phase of a project.

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